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4 Persons released from ELWA-3 ETU

Written By: Ben B. Togba, Jr., Margibi County
Four Persons have been released from the ELWA 3 Ebola Treatment unit after winning the battle against the human killer, Ebola virus disease.
The survivors have been reintegrated with their family in Nedowein community, Margibi County.
Their reintegration comes after three weeks of intensive medical care at the ELWA Ebola treatment unit in Montserrado County where they were taken after they contracted the virus.
During the reintegration ceremony on Monday in Nedowein Town, the Margibi County Health Team headed by Dr. Adolphus Yeiah presented them to their families and community leaders.
In remarks, the county chief medical officer Dr. Yeiah encouraged citizens to accept the survivors with love and affections, saying, “One cannot get infected with Ebola by interacting with survivors”.
He however encouraged the survivors to stay away from sexual intercourse as the virus remains active in the sexual organ for the period of three months or more.
At the same time, the former Superintendent of Boo Statutory District, Mr. Henry Marcus Spear cautioned citizens of Nedowein to avoid all forms of complacency and adhere to all necessary preventive measures instituted by the ministry of health and partners in other to prevent further spread of the disease.
He further lauded the county health authority for their tremendous effort and support to the people of Nedowein during such difficult period.
Relating his experience to reporters, one of the survivors, Koluba Kollie said, he felt discouraged when he received information that he was to be taken at the ETU to be tested after showing symptoms of Ebola.
Kollie however admitted eating the meat of a dead dog prior to his illness and alleged that all those who ate the chest of the dog with him felt sick but did not mention the late 17 year old boy who firstly tested positive of the Ebola virus.
The Ministry of Health and partners including the US Center for Disease has ever since ruled out the dead dog meat as the source of the index case although the authorities have not determine the source of latest outbreak which first killed a 17 year old boy.
For her part, the owner of the dead dog who pleaded to remain unnamed said the arrival of the four survivors who were believed to have contracted the Ebola Virus from eating a dead poisoned dog brings relieve to the community because many people had pointed accusing fingers at her since the outbreak.
Meanwhile the cause of the recent Ebola outbreak is not yet known as medical experts continue to investigate it source.

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