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Female Traditional Chief Decries Teenage Pregnancy; Stresses Education

Written By: Eric Opa Doue, Rivercess Couny

Yarpah Town, Rivercess CountyRivercess County Chief female Zoe, Mamie Toe (alias Zoe Mamie) has blamed parents for the high level of teenage pregnancy in the County. The female traditional leader says some children have no parental care while other parents are using theirs as bread winners.

Madam Toe says she’s highly interested in education, because according to her she’s aware of its dividends. “Two of my sons are in Universities so l know the importance of education’, the head of female zoes in the county said. When asked as to what role she is playing as head Zoe to curb the situation, she revealed that she has been sensitizing parents about the importance of education.

Particularly, Zoe Mamie stressed that she has always emphasized to parents the importance of girl child education. She also recommended punitive action against parents who are refusing to educate their girl child but are rather encouraging teenage pregnancy. “I want for Government to fine any parent when their daughter have not reached 18 years and get pregnant,” She told Local Voices. “This pregnancy business is causing serious problem for the girls and making them to not go to school.”

Earlier this year, it was reported by the Rivercess County Health team that seven out of every 10 pregnant woman that visit any of the health facilities in the county are below the age 18. The Officer in Charge of Timbo Compound Clinic, Miss Jallah Saygbe says more students are dropping out of schools as a result of unwanted teenage pregnancy.

Local Voices Liberia reporter in the county has observed that there are many drop-outs seen on various market grounds selling in other to Carter for their babies. Meanwhile, Mamie is therefore calling on the local County authority to place a ban on Video clubs, night clubs, and other social activities in the county.

Commenting on traditional practices, Zoe Mamie says she has ordered all Sande school closed while schools are still in session. “Any child you see chalk on (found with chalk on your body), that means she does not want to go to school.” The Chief female Zoe of the county clarify that only girls who do not want to go to school are permitted to enter the Sande bush.

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