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Liberian Security Firm Wants Private Guards Carry Small Firearms Ahead of Elections

Buchanan – The General Manager and Chief Executive Officer of the Security Guard Expert of Liberia (SEGAL) says private security officers are major contributors to maintaining law and order and should be permitted by the Government of Liberia to use small firearms.

According to Momo T. Cyrus, who spoke recently in the Port City of Buchanan at program marking the official closing of the firm’s training program for its officers, the lives of private securities guards are at serious risk. While on duty, many of them are vulnerable at night to criminals, he claims.

The SEGAL CEO admitted that the possession of small arms in Liberia is a very critical issue but said it is significant for “private securities that spend their nights outside protecting lives and properties to be safe by firstly protecting themselves from criminals”.

“If Liberia is to maintained peace, then the cries of the private securities sectors that are major contributors to Liberia’s peace should be met,” he said.

The civil war made Liberia an epic centre of arms conflict with small arms causing destruction and instability to the entire sub-region.

Government’s regulations ban the use small arms in order to prevent them from getting in the hands of criminals. Although this restriction is in place, yet when the intended recipient is considered responsible, arms and ammunition can be diverted to unauthorized end users.

In 2016, the Liberia National Commission on Small Arms signed an agreement with the Executive Protection Service (EPS) for the commission to code weapons being used by the EPS officers. The agreement was gear towards helping trace, track and identify the original owner of arms in case of misplacement or theft.

But the SEGAL boss, who described the upcoming presidential and representative elections as “very critical”, also suggested that “The private securities of Liberia need to help the few police officers to monitor the election so that it’ll be a free fair and transparent election”.

Mr. Cyrus claims his firm is one of the best private security agencies in the country, adding, “It will always be the best due to the fairness and commitment the workers have for the job by risking their lives on a daily basis.”

He later called on the newly trained 150 private security guards to have the passion for whatever they do “Because nothing can be done properly without passion”. He then cautioned the police to keep working with the private securities firms.

“The police and the private securities are working toward one objective which is protecting lives and properties,” Cyrus said.

In separate remarks, some of those trained thanked the CEO for flagging their concern and want government approved the use of small arms by private guards in the country.  They said it will help protect their lives while they are on duty.

The officers also thanked the firm for the new knowledge gained, assuring that they will use the knowledge to boost the reputation of the institution by exhibiting good characteristics at the job site.

Report By: Elton Wroinbee Tiah, Buchanan, Grand Bassa County


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