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Grand Cape Mount County: 40 Liberians Vow to Boycott Elections Over ‘Lack of Development’


Robertsport – As political Campaign gradually gains momentum across Liberia, some 40 people in Grand Cape Mount have vowed not to participate in the pending October 10 presidential and representatives elections.

They attributed their lack of interest in the electoral process due to what they termed as ‘lack of development in the county’, stressing the lack of quality healthcare services and poor living conditions of people in the northwestern county.They during separate meetings held in Garwula, Porkpa and Tewor districts.

They during separate meetings held in Garwula, Porkpa and Tewor districts. According to them, the present leadership of the county has not done enough to improve their living conditions.

The citizens told Local Voices that since the Sinje Health Center was upgraded to a hospital status, little has been done to equip the facility. They also said it is due to the disappointing performance of representatives.

‘’We’re tired of this everyday story, look at the Sinje Health Center, since the people make this health center another hospital there is no medicine at all and the same thing with other health centers in the county,” said Varney Kiadii, a youth of Sinje Garwula District.

Marie Roger, a senior student of the Sinje Public High School, said lawmakers in the county are not helping to improve the standard of education in the county.

“The education system in this county is really not up to standard,” she said. “The lawmakers are not even making way for us to get material for our science lab and also some good books for our schools”.

She wants lawmakers to buttress the ministry of education efforts by making available instructional materials such as laboratory materials for sciences, modern textbooks, and also advocate for quality teachers to support the county school system.

She said the poor quality of the county school system resulted in the mass failure of senior high students (12th students) in the 2017 West African regional examinations.

“You can see for yourself from this year 2017 WAEC results for cape was bad. It is poor, only ten persons pass this year because the Cape Mount County School System is weak,” Marie said.

But Hon. Mambu Sonii, representative of Garwula District, told LocalVoicesLiberia he has contributed to all sectors of the county and not only his constituency.

Sonii was refuting assertions about his alleged poor performance as a lawmaker in the county.

“I think the people that are saying these things are making mistake. As a member of the Cape Mount legislative caucus, I have done a lot in this county contrary to what the people are saying,” he said, adding, “I have provided more support to the education and health sector”.

 Report By: Ibrahim M. Sesay





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