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Grand Bassa County: Marketers Urge Incoming Gov’t To ‘Control’ Price


Buchanan City – Marketers of Grand Bassa County are calling on the government of the Coalition for Democratic Change to do “whatever it takes to control price” in order to ease the hardship of ordinary Liberians.

The outgoing administration headed by President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf announced couple years ago that it was unable to institute policies to control price in the country.

And many ordinary Liberians say this a serious factor affecting their socioeconomic status.

Mayamu Joalo, a retailer of electronics at the Monrovia Junction in Buchanan, told LocalVoices Liberia that wholesalers sell their commodities at any price they wish because there are no policies to control price.

“For us that buy goods to sell by retail, we can catch hard time due to the high price, so when we come, we can manage to get our money and profit out of the goods which can make things expensive for the local buyers “, she said.

“If goods and services had stable prices in Liberia, things wouldn’t have been so difficult for we the local people. It is my hope and prayer that the newly elected government officials under the Coalition for Democratic Change can see about forming stable prices of things in the country”.

Moses Davis, a local rice dealer, said the new government must resolve the problem.

“We the business people want this new government to work on price control and the reduction of the United States dollars rate in the Country,” Davis said. 

Edith Striker, another retailer, said the situation is a “Serious harm” for small businesses. But she is hopeful that the next government would make the difference.

“I use to buy a gallon of oil for LD$1,400 but sometimes when you carry that money this time you will bring it back because everyday oil has a new price,” she said.

Report By: Elton Wrionbee Tiah 




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