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Bomi County: Infighting Amongst Faculty Disrupts Activities at Community College

Report By: Ibrahim Sesay

Tubmanburg – Normal academic activities at the Bomi County Community College in Tubmanburg have been suspended indefinitely by the faculty senate of the institution due to a dispute between the administration of the school and the school board.


The faculty senate of the college (BCCC) took the decision on Monday, September 24, demanding the removal of the board chairman and restructuring the college’s board.

The head of the faculty senate Feakai Dorley told LocalVoicesLiberia that they have decided to suspend all academic activities including administrative activities at the college until the chairman of the board of directors Varney A. Yengbeh is removed and the board reconstituted.

“We will continue to remain out of classes until Varney A. is removed as board chairman and also the entire board of BCCC be reconstituted,” he said.

Mr. Dorley mentioned that the current institution school board has been the center of the problems at the institution and the recent removal of the Dr. Zobon Norman as president of the college and replaced by Dr. Mulbah.

He further stated that “Since the decision has been taken to remove Dr. Norman and to bring in a new person, then Varney Yengbeh should be removed as board chairperson because he (Varney Yangbeh) fought the entire administration’’.

According to Feakai Dorley, there have been several engagements with local and national stakeholders to intervene and resolve the dispute between the college administration and board, something he said has been ignored by authorities of Bomi County.

He pointed out that the removal of Dr. Norman was not in line with the act that established the college.

“Our intention is to make sure that the Act that established the BCCC [because] Dr. Norman removal was not in line with Act that established it,” he added.

The indefinite strike action by the faculty of the Bomi County Community College has brought setback to the students as they have been out of classes for close to a week.

Catherine Yandee, a student of the Health Science student in a frustrating mood said, “We’re tire of coming to sit under the palava hut every day and doing nothing at school.”





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