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Around The Country: Updates From Seven Counties

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Lofa County: Support For Kolahun

Several solar panels were also installed at the hospital to boost its services to the communities | Photo by: Arthur Koweh

A non-government organization working in Lofa County, Restore Hope-Liberia, has collaborated with partners from  the United States to donate huge consignment of medical and non-medical supplies and equipment to the Kolahun Hospital.

The materials donated to the hospital include 100 pieces of hand washing buckets, powder soap, hand sanitizers and bleach. It also includes essential medical drugs including antibiotics and malaria drugs. The Director of Restore Hope-Liberia put the cost of the materials at US$9,367.

The organization has also donated a solar electrification system and has worked with the hospital to set up a COVID-19 task. Members of task force will be deployed at various checkpoints in Kolahun District. Restore Hope-Liberia has committed to paying stipends to the task force members who will be assigned at checkpoints for the next four months.

Gbarpolu County: Keeping Farms Going

Madam Jah visited several farms to encourage her colleagues continue growing food as the country respond to the pandemic | Photo by: Henry B. Gboluma, Jr.

The head of the rural women organization of Gbarpolu County, Madam Bendu Jah has ended a tour of several farms in Medina, Bopolu District, encouraging local farmers to continue farming despite the health crisis.

She also reminded the farmers about the need to continue adhering to all the health regulations in order to help the government curb the spread of  COVID-19.

The farmers appreciated Madam Jah’s visitation and pledged their commitment to continuing their lowland farming as a means of sustaining their livelihood during the pandemic.

Rivercess County: Empowering Health Workers

River Cess County health team has completed a week long training for Community Health Assistants, Community Health Volunteers, Community Health Services Supervisors, District Health Officers, District Surveillance Officers and Quality Assurance Officers to help in contact tracing and social mobilization.

According to Yugie Flomo, the county’s health promotion focal person, 280  persons were trained across the county.

CHAs are in communities that are about 5 kilometers away from healthcare facilities. They were previously trained to treat children under-five years of age.

Health workers attending the training in River Cess County observed social distancing | Photo by : Eric Opa Doue

Bong County: Strengthening Awareness

Some local journalists selected from across Bong County have been trained to report on the COVID-19, including carrying out awareness through radio programs. The training was done in partnership with the county health team.

The journalists will produce jungles and talk shows to adequately inform the public about the virus, James Telewonyan, an official of the Multi-stakeholder Forest Governance and Accountability Platform said after the training.

In another development, the administration of the Ahmed Sekou Toure Health Center in Jorwah, Panta District has alarmed that it is not fully prepared to respond to any COVID-19 case.

The health facility has reportedly not received allotment from the government for several months.

At current, the health center lacks drugs, fuel and Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), according to Paul Harris, the Officer-In-Charge.

Grand Cape Mount County: Empowering Communities

Residents of Senjeh District in Grand Cape Mount have commended former House Speaker Alex Tyler for launching a new COVID-19 task force.

The task force named “Tyler Mobile Medical Team” is helping communities understand the preventive measures of COVID-19.

The lead program promoter, James Folley said they have deployed 60 community mobilizers and supervisors across the district to carry out COVID-19 awareness.

“Part of the team’s work is to provide education and to distribute preventive materials to the people in communities they are assigned,” Folley said.

Bomi County: Help For Rural Communities

Rep. Snowe (center) posed for a photo along with a staff of Orange Liberia and a female community leader after the 100 bags of rice were unpacked from the vehicle | Photo by: Ibrahim Sesay

Orange Liberia has collaborated with Senjeh District Representative Edwin Snowe to donate 100 bags of 25 kg rice to residents of rural communities in the district.

Mr. Supu Cole, the company’s Director for Legal Regulations, said: “The gesture was Orange Liberia contribution to the fight against the Coronavirus Pandemic in Liberia.” The distribution of the rice to beneficiaries began June 1.

Grand Bassa County: Two Positive, Two Negative

Grand Bassa County Health Officer announced two more COVID-19 cases on Monday in Buchanan, making the total number of confirmed cases in the county six. However, two persons suspected of being infected with the virus have been released from quarantine after they were tested negative.

Dr. Anthony Tucker told reporters that the two persons were tested two times and the results proved negative.

He added that the CHT is doing contact tracing to identify people who came in contact with the two new confirmed cases.

Vehicles parked outside the offices of the county health team in Buchanan, Grand Bassa County | Photo by: Elton Wrionbee Tiah


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