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Around The Country: Updates From Four Counties

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Lofa Country: 15 Escape From Quarantine

Members of the Lofa County Health Team hold a discussion to strengthen response against COVID-19 | Photo By: Arthur Koweh

Fifteen high-risk contacts have escaped from the Precautionary Observation Centers (POCs) in the county. Seven escaped from the Voinjama POC while eight from the POC in Foya.

The 15 persons were listed as high-risk contacts based on their interactions with the first two confirmed COVID-19 cases in the county.

Dr. John Doedeh, the county health officer, said they are planning a meeting to find immediate solution as the escape of the 15 poses serious health risk to the public.

Meanwhile, some concerned members of the public are recommending publication of the names of the 15 persons to avoid the spread of the virus in the county

Gbarpolu Country: Prepping For Election

Voters queued at a voting center in Gbarpolu County

A 10-day assessment of the 133 polling places across Gbarpolu County has begun, according to the Senior Elections Magistrate of the county. The county has three electoral districts with a total of 133 polling centers.

Ernest McCay said the assessment of polling centers will help informed the Elections Commission ahead of the special senatorial elections.

“This assessment will tell us whether our polling centers are still available and accessible for the pending elections as well as the Referendum this year,” he said. “It’s also about telling the community leaders about the upcoming NEC activities.”

The assessment is being supported by the United Nations Development Program. The coronavirus pandemic has cast some doubts over the conduct of the special senatorial election slated for October this year.

Bomi County: Seeking Children Protection

Defense for Children International (DCI) head of field office in Bomi County Adama Konneh is calling for more protection for children during this period of COVID-19 pandemic.

He frowned on parents who sent their children out in the streets to sell, thereby putting them at risk of contracting the virus.

He has also called on the government to ensure that vulnerable children are protected during the pandemic.

Bong County: Cautioning Against COVID-19 Denial

Citizens in Tokpablee District have been called on to stop the denying the existence of coronavirus after the county recorded its second confirmed case of COVID-19.

“It is therefore crucial that citizens and residents residing in the area adhere to the restrictions that remain in place and continue to take basic precautions to prevent the spread of the virus”, said District Commissioner Moses Kellen. “Everyone please take care of yourself and stop this stubbiness.”

The Commissioner added that following the preventive measures is the community best defense against the pandemic.

“In order to protect yourself and others, you should wear a mask when [you are] in public so that it covers your mouth and nose, wash your hands frequently with soap or sanitizers, and don’t sit or stand too close to one another.



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