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Around The Country: Updates From Five Counties

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Maryland County:  Flood Renders Harper Residents Homeless

Several homes of five communities in Harper City were affected by the flood | Photo By: Bryan Dioh

Several homes have been affected in Harper because of heavy downpour of rain which caused flooding.

Some of the flood victims have been seeking refuge at homes of family members for the past couple of days.

Communities affected are New Harper, New Kru Town, Hoffman Station and Old Kru Town.

Some victims, told LocalVoicesLiberia, said situation is frustrating. However, they have called for the opening of waterways and drainage around homes in the County, which they suggest will mitigate the constant flood in city.

Madam Ellen Blessing Howe, Harper City Mayor, said the city inspector has been instructed to access the drainage and determine possible solution to the flooding.

Meanwhile, the county’s disaster committee is working with the Liberia National Red Cross, Partners in Health and World Food Program to embark on a community engagement excise.

This is aimed at identifying victims of the flood for onward submission to the Maryland County local authority for possible intervention.

Flooding in Maryland County has occurred during every rainy season in the past years.

Gbarpolu County: Woman Escapes Hospital

A 50-year-old woman has fled the Jallah Lone Hospital and her whereabouts are unknown, according to the County Health Team.

The coordinator assigned at the Emergency Operations Room of the health facility, Worbor Narmah disclosed the information following the Incident Management System meeting in Bopolu City on Monday.

The reason for her escape is still unknown, but Mr. Narmah said health workers are working with the local authorities to find her.

As of June 15, the county had recorded eight confirmed COVID-19 cases: one active, two deaths, and five recoveries.

Three high-risk contacts are also in quarantine as vigorous contact tracing continues in Bokomu and Bopolu districts.

Bomi County: ‘Help Us With Nose Mask’

Residents of Befini, Sackie, Damah, and other parts of Rural Senjeh in Bomi County need COVID-19 preventive materials such as nose masks, hand sanitizer, and faucet bucket for hand washing.

Seh Fahbulleh, a resident of Damah Town, pointed out that the dissemination of preventive messages is necessary but stressed the need for the distribution of face masks including other COVID-19 preventive materials to the people of rural Senjeh.

“We are happy to see the task force giving us the message about this Coronavirus but I’m asking them to help us with nose masks, hand sanitizer and bucket so we yourself can keep safe in this part of Senjeh District,” Fahnbulleh said.

Ma Sando Zinnah of Sackie Town also expressed that “this whole virus business here we can’t even get bucket to wash our hands and mask so how your expect us to wear.

Lofa County: Donation To Fight COVID-19

The CEO of Security Expert Guard Agency of Liberia (SEGAL), Momo T. Cyrus has donated 550 gallons of fuel to eight community radios in the county.

Cyrus has also donated 100 gallons of fuel, 100 pieces of rain gears to the Joint Security of the county, as well as 100 bags of rice and a huge consignment of disinfectants to the county’s COVID-19 task force. The donation was done over the weekend in the presence of county administrators of  all sectors.

Mr. Cyrus said the donation is his institution’s way of living up to its social corporate responsibility and is intended to help the county fight the pandemic.

Margibi County: Tackling Mental Health Amid COVID-19

The Carter Center Mental Health Program is collaborating with partners to hold a week-long mental health and psychosocial support COVID-19 response training for 30 mental health clinicians, social workers, and psychosocial workers in the county.

According to the project, the training is meant to build the capacity of the participants to adequately provide mental health and psychosocial services to people living with mental illness, their families and the community during the pandemic.

Margibi County Health Officer, Dr. Myers Pajibo, said the training was timely because the COVID-19 outbreak in the county sparked the need for more mental health service providers.

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