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Charity Foundation Donates School Materials to Elementary Schools Grand Gedeh County

Grand Gedeh County – Several pupils of schools in Gbao Administrative District in Grand Gedeh County have benefited a donation of assorted school materials from a Charity Foundation of Doris Gbowoe Early Childhood Education.

The assorted school materials which worth over a US$1000.00, according to the charity foundation was presented over the weekend in Gbao administrative, which is about 45 kilometers away from Zwedru.

Materials donated include copybooks, pens, pencils, and index dusters. Other materials include notepads, chalk, sharpeners, and plastic folders.

Schools expected to benefit includes Pouh Elementary, Toejlah Elementary, Gwion Elementary and Zleh Elementary Schools.

Speaking at the donation ceremony held on the campus of Pouh Elementary School, the Founder and Executive Director of the charity, Mr. Washie Konmana Gbowoe, said the gesture is intended to buttress the effort of the Ministry of Education in fulfillment of his late mother, Doris Gbowoe’s vision to provide educational assistance mainly to girls that are in the district.

In this time of economy challenges, it is about that sons and daughters of the county give back to its people instead of depending on national government and donors support, Mr. Gbowoe said.

“If sons and daughters who are from this district and county who God has blessed with job or businesses will give back to our people in different intervention areas, within 3-4 years period, our people will not have to fully depend on local or national government and donors to see things happening,” said Gbowoe, who started his early education at the Pouh Elementary School.  “There will be massive improved developments for example within the health sector, education, water and sanitation and even individuals infrastructures”.

He continue: “With need assessment been conducted by this foundation few months’ back is what prompted us to make this donation because it has help us identified so many challenges our people are facing, like the lack of good health, save drinking water, pit latrine and poor education are lacking due to many factors, so it is us the children have to come in solve some of these problems for our people and not all must be the government and partners”.

Mr. Gbowoe promised “good working relationship” with his administrative district school authorities to ensure “quality learning for the younger generation” of the community.

Receiving the materials on behalf of the school, Pouh Elementary School, acting Principal and head of Gbao administrative district school system, Mr. Isaac Saydee, thanked the foundation for being “farsighted”, adding that the material will ensure the smooth operation of schools within the district.

He then promised to carry on “fair” distribution to other schools and students that are to benefit.

Speaking on behalf of the Parent-Teachers Association, Mr. Albert Kromah expressed happiness for the donation and said it came at a time when parents are finding it difficult to meet their children’s educational needs amid the economic hardship.

Mr. Kromah promised that with an already cordial relationship with instructional staff within the district, the PTA will ensure that items donated will be delivered to targeted group and use for the purpose intended.


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