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Senator Brown Launches LD$2,700, 000 Micro Loan Scheme

Harper, Maryland County – In an effort to empowering community women groups in Maryland County Senator, J. Gbleh-Bo Brown, on February 17 launched phase two of a micro loan scheme, disbursing LD$ 2.7 million to various local businesswomen groups.

Communities benefited from the loan scheme are Old Kru Town, LD$300,000, Sedeleken-LD$100,000, Gbololu, LD$100,000, and Gbewien, LD$100,000.

Other Women groups are Feloken got LD$200,000, Dedeabo got LD$ 200,000, Nyenoken received LD$150,000 while the Manolu women benefited LD$100,000.

Deklinken received LD$100,000, Tugbaken LD$100,000, the Women of Gbeken received LD$200,000, while the of Women Gbon received LD$ 200,000.

The launch of the scheme, which was held in Old Kru Town — outside Harper, brought together scores of businesswomen and local officials.

Speaking to a cross section of local businesswomen at the launch of the micro-loan scheme, Senator Brown said the initiative is the second phase which is in fulfillment of campaign promises aimed at empowering struggling local businesswomen across the county.

“I have not come to pay you back, but to appreciate and empower you for in my effort to buttress government better the lives of its citizens. I can’t over emphasize your support during my campaign period and will always fight to better your lives,” Senator Brown said. “Get involve into business that will help and improve you and yourself family”.

Sen. Brown speaking at the launch of the loan scheme in Maryland County | Photo By: Moses Geplay

The former County Superintendent said the loan will help them overcome poverty and “become masters of your own destinies”.

“My desire is to strengthen and support you, so that ordinary businesspeople will be able to move from sidewalks to stores,” he said.

Meanwhile, receiving the loan on behalf of the Old Kru Town Market Women Association, Patricia Porte lauded Senator Brown for the initiative.

She said the money will be used to purchase a canoe with a high-speed Yamaha engine to support their local fishery business.

Mrs. Porte said the launch of the micro loan scheme means a lot to all local businesswomen across the county and will grow the local economy.

Also, Helena Sieh, speaker of the Sedeken businesswomen, said the LD$100,000 will be distributed to over 50 small businesswomen across Sedeken town.

Cecelia J. Russel, speaker of Gbolulu Women, added that the loan will transform her business and many other women.

“I am overly happy, we as local businesswomen here in Gbolulu, we go through a lot of challenges to get market, we ride on bikes from one village to another just to get goods and bring it in the market,” she said.  “But today with the help of this amount, my business is definitely going to change and improve”.

Speaking on behalf of the women and people of Gbawein, Rebeca Deibe said the contribution from the lawmaker would strengthen local businesses. She, however, highlighted the lack of health facility in the community as a serious concern.

“Hon. Senator, thanks for the money but one thing we are facing here is the issue of lack of clinic. We walk for almost four hours to get treatment; this is very bad and risky for our wellbeing,” she said.

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