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Around The Country: Updates From Five Counties – August 16, 2021

Latest From Around The Country: Fire Leaves Major Hospital Destroyed in Margibi County, Maryland County Education Office Fines Four Schools for Breaching COVID-19 Protocols, and Senator Initiates Mobile Clinic in Grand Bassa County

Margibi County: Fire Ravage Major Referral Hospital

The C.H Rennie Hospital in Kakata was a major health facility in the county until it gutted with fire on Sunday, August 15

Kakata – Questions are still being asked after fire gutted the major government’s referral hospital in the county, leaving the building completed destroyed. Some people are alleging that the fire was caused by electrical fault, but this has not been independently verified.

The fire erupted on Sunday morning and spread to major units of the facility and would later leave the compound completely damaged. The emergency response room, the record room, pharmacy, and the administrative offices were all destroyed. Drugs, documents, beds, and medical materials were all consumed by the inferno.

Citizens gathered to cut off the fire in the absent of a fire truck, but their efforts were futile. Some were seen with buckets of water trying to quench the fire.

According to eyewitnesses, a fire truck belonging to the Firestone Plantation Company later arrived to quinch the fire, but it was too late.

Patients seeking treatment at the hospital were transferred at other medical centers including the Barkolleh medical center and the Bong Mines Hospital.

There has been no death reported so far, but several people were reportedly injured while fighting the fire. The county authorities and citizens are expected to meet later Monday to weigh-in on the grim situation.

More details to come …

Maryland County: Education Officer Stresses Adherence to Covid-19 Measures

CEO Brohdonyen warned that schools that do not follow the COVID-19 protocols will be fined | Photo By: Moses Geply

Harper — The head of the Ministry of Education in Maryland County has emphasized the need for school-going children and faculty members to continue adhering to Covid-19 Health protocols.

Speaking to LocalVoicesLiberia after levelling fines against four schools in the county, Rev. Tehneseo P. Brohdonyen said the call is aimed at dissuading pupils and teachers from complacency amid drop in the number of confirmed cases of COVID-19.

“We have observed over the past days now, that most of our school-going children and faculty members are not following all of the health protocols, something which drew our attention as head of the Ministry of Education in the County, I think it’s significant to remind our people so that fines cannot be imposed on them,” Mr. Brohdonyen said.

He also disclosed that his office has fined four schools that violated the prescribed health protocols and the Ministry of Education regulations.

He named Deck and Kids Elementary School, Nazareth Preparatory and Elementary School, Central Site High School were fined L$100,000, while the Kids Success Foundation was fined L$150,000. He clarified that Kids Success Foundation was given a higher fine because it deliberately violated the MOE regulations and health protocols.

Meanwhile, the CEO called on school administrations to continue teaching their students about the COVID-19 preventive measures.

“Coronavirus can be defeated if everyone gets involved by observing the prescribed protocols regularly, let wash our hands, wear our masks, when on campus, observe social distancing, and report any sick person to the nearby health facilities,” he said.

Bong County: CHO Lauds Frontline Health Workers

Dr. Jonathan Flomo is the head of the County Health Team | Photo By: Emmanuel Mafelah

Gbarnga — Bong County Health Officer Dr. Jonathan Flomo has extended thanks and appreciation to frontline medical practitioners and residents for their continuous efforts in the fight against COVID-19.

Appearing as studio guest on Super Bongese FM 104.9 MHz in the Gbarnga recently, Dr. Flomo hailed the people of Bong and neighboring counties for the continue support rendered to health practitioners in the county.

He also thanked Vice President Jewel Howard Taylor “for always reaching out to them”, especially during this pandemic.

He mentioned the recent donation of 1,200 test kits County Health Team as a contribution by Madam Taylor since the outbreak. The CHO also announced the arrival in the county of doses of the Johnson and Johnson vaccine but advised people who have already taken the AstraZeneca vaccine to not take the J&J vaccine.

“We want to inform our people that please don’t take the J&J vaccine if you have already taken the AstraZeneca because doing so will be very much dangerous for you,” he said. “But for those of you that have not taken the AstraZeneca vaccine you can now take the J&J, it’s good for all of us.”

Dr. Flomo assured that the CHT is working with partners to mitigate some of the challenges facing the health sector while also stressing the importance for people to abide by COVID-19 health protocols.

Grand Bassa County: Senator Launches Mobile Clinic Program

Senator Kaipay (Left) assures that the mobile clinic services will be extended to many har-to-reach communities in the county | Photo By: Elton Tiah

Buchanan — Senator Jonathan Kaipay has kicked off a mobile clinic program aimed at providing short term medical relief to people of hard-to-reach places in some parts of the county.

The launching ceremony took place on recently in Weh Town, Nyuehniwein Clan, Temor, District #1, Grand Bassa County.

It is a hard-to-reach community located across the Farmington River. One must walk several miles on foot to get to the area due to the lack of motor road.

Senator Kaipay said other clans to benefit include Gozohn and Saywein Clans – all in the same region.

The mobile clinic will also treat common diseases affecting women and children in these targeted communities.

“The mobile clinic is a short-term approach to addressing the health needs of the people, while we strengthen advocacy and make budgetary allocations for a long term solution”, Sen. Kaipay said.

Sinoe County: BRAC Commences Training for SGBV Service Providers

Several service providers for SGBV clients attended the week-long workship held in Greenville, Sinoe County | Photo By: Sarah Winnie Ellis

Greenville — BRAC Liberia, an organization involved in the fight against Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGBV) across Liberia has ended a seven-day training for service providers at the F.J Grante hospital in Greenville city.

Mr. Thomas Berry, BRAC Liberia adolescent sexual reproductive Health (ASRH) officer in the county, told reporters that the training is intended to sensitize service providers of the five health districts in the county. The training brought together 10 participants from Grand Kru County.

He said at the training has enlightened SGBV service provider on how to deal with victims and survivals of SGBV who seek care in their respective health facility.

Local Voices Liberia is a network of dedicated Liberian journalists based in the 15 counties working to lift the development concerns and progress of rural communities.

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