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Diaspora Liberians Donate Four Oxygen Machines to Nimba County Health Team

Sanniquellie – A group of Nimbaians in the diaspora on Tuesday, December 7 donated four oxygen concentrator machines to the Nimba County Health Team (NCHT). The move is aimed at combating the COVID-19 pandemic in the county.

Making the presentation on behalf of the Diaspora Nimbaians in Sanniquellie, Madam Josephine Freeman indicated that the four concentrators will aid the NCHT in the fight against the respiratory virus.

At the same time, she disclosed that her group is awaiting data from the vaccine intake covering the period between September 7 and November 30, 2021, to launch a “Vaccine Equity Raffle Draw”. She said the raffle is intended to encourage and ensure massive vaccine intake amongst people of the county. She named bags of rice, scholarship, and cash as prices to be won after the raffle draw.

Receiving the machines on behalf of the County Health Team, the County Health Services Administrator Othello Mansuo said the gesture was timely. Mr. Mansuo indicated that health emergencies like the coronavirus pandemic require prompt intervention, but he lamented how national government is already “plagued with lack of money”.

He said the machines are “relief to the county health system”, while calling on all native of the county to emulate the diaspora Nimbaians by giving support to their community.

Members of the diaspora Liberians in a stakeholders’ meeting with the county health team in Sanniquellie, Nimba County

In August this year, the group of Nimbaians in the US, Australia, and Europe, under the banner “Diaspora Nimbaians Fighting Covid-19 in Nimba County” embarked on social mobilization activities aimed at ensuring that majority of the county’s population get vaccinated with the Johnson and Johnson or the Oxford Astra-Zeneca Covid-19 vaccines.

The group, at the same time, pledged to import into the county six oxygen concentrator machines to be distributed to the six health districts of Nimba.

Earlier, the Clinical Supervisor of the Nimba County Health Team, Lee Danno informed stakeholders that the vaccination process was gaining traction and progress. He emphasized that coronavirus is mutating in different variants and noted that if the population is vaccinated it would reduce the risk of transmission.

Meanwhile, the National Monitor for Covid-19 Vaccine Uptake Campaign, Gifty Clark also announced during the meeting that the new consignment of the Johnson and Johnson Covid-19 vaccine brought in Nimba County will expire by the end of July 2023 and disclosed that the consignment of Oxford Astra-Zeneca vaccine in the county has already expired.

Although she did not specify the number of doses brought into the county, Gifty Clark noted that if the vaccine uptake is encouraging, donors will not relent to continue supporting to the health system.

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