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No Fire Breakout at RIA


Fire breaks out at RIA and there’s no fire truck. The fire has engulfed the entire airport.

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Local Voices Liberia iVerify team verified the claim and found out that it is false. To attain this conclusion, we read through most of the comments accompanying the post. Nearly all of the commentors on the Facebook posts revealed that the claim is untrue.

One of the people in the comment section, Kpoto AlwaysBless Momolu wrote: “Some of you sit in the diaspora and wish evil for Liberia, this is beyond politics. What a diabolical lie. Your hate for this government is really beyond human comprehension; and this government time shall come to pass and Liberia will remain. Stop this falsehood”.

The iVerify team also contacted the Acting Head of Corporate Communications and Media Services at the RIA, Mr. Jefferson Daryou concerning the claim, and he responded through a telephone call and said the information is false.

Said Mr. Daryou: “Actually, we do not know where that news is coming from. There was no occurrence of fire at the Airport this evening. Anything of such, we would have notified the public because it poses a threat to the safety of passengers and airport users”.

“I have established contacts with security, fire service, and everyone; they have said that there is no account of the fire. I don’t know where the person got their news from,” he added.

Based on this quick check, we conclude that the claim that there was a fire breakout at RIA is false.



Local Voices Liberia, in partnership with the United Nations Development Programme, has implemented the iVerify Liberia system with the objective of strengthening capacities to address threats to information integrity, especially in view of the upcoming 2023 elections, to ensure all Liberian citizens have access to credible, reliable and verified information, everywhere and at all times.

This initiative is funded by Irish AidEmbassy of Sweden in MonroviaEuropean Union Delegation in Liberia and the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund. UNDP or its donors have no say in the production of this fact check report.

Jerry Gaye is a Liberian journalist and Fact Checker and an experienced with over six years of working experience. He is a skilled in News Writing and Editing, Feature Writing, and Investigative Reporting.

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