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Voxpop: Grand Gedians on Recent Ebola Outbreak

Written By: Moses Geplay, Zwedru City

Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County – Liberia and its neighbors – Guinea and Sierra Leone –are still recovering from the scourge of the deadly Ebola virus disease which claimed many lives. A recent outbreak in the Du-Port Community of Paynesville City is the third resurgence of the virus. This time the government and partners say they are capable of curbing it.

In September 2015, Liberia was declared Ebola free by the World Health Organization (WHO) after cooperative efforts of the government and its people.

The EVD according to survey brought set-backs to the government of Liberia to adequately implement some strategic projects, leaving its citizens vulnerable to hardship.

Since the resurfacing of the epidemic, citizens across Grand Gedeh County are panicking regarding the recent outbreak in the nation Capital, Monrovia. Grand Gedeh County though did not experience many deaths during the devastating health crisis. The fear of the virus still lingers, so Local Voices Liberia has been speaking to people in Zwedru City.

Below are excerpts from people Local Voices Liberia has been speaking to:

Otis Jolo, Acting Chairman Grand Gedeh Civil Society Network: “I am a bite frustrated regarding the resurface of the virus; after all we did to eliminate this deadly virus from our country. I now hear on the radio that Ebola is back. This is something our government needs to get rid of swiftly before it spreads.I can imagine Ebola did not allow my child complete his high school and today he still in the 12th grade. I want to use this opportunity through local voices Liberia to caution citizens of this country to still observe the basics Ebola rules to stop it from spreading.”

Emmanuel Gogbar, Administrator, Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital: The issue of Ebola coming back to Liberia is not something strange to all health workers in Liberia. Ebola is a virus that epidemiologists came up to say it only spends three months in a survivor, but today we are getting report that Ebola has resurface. Where does it come from that’s the question we are asking ourselves? But with all that, the health Martha Tubman Memorial Hospital is fully prepared and equipped to fight the virus. We have been trained by many other experience health organizations as it relate to the EVD manage and how to curtail the spread. I will let to use this medium to urge everyone to still follow the Ebola preventive measures prescribed by the health workers.”

George Y. Shape Program Coordinator, Federation of Liberia Youth, Grand Gedeh Branch: “The recurrence of Ebola in our country is not news to me. History tells us that this virus always resurface wherever it breaks out. All I can tell my fellow compatriots is let us keep following all the advice given us by our health authorities. I think now we have the experience and expertise to handle the situation. No need to panic. With union strong, success is sure. We can beat Ebola for good.”

Frances N. Saydee, social worker working in my County [Grand Gedeh]: “This is serious but I would urge Liberians to not worry. Liberians should know what to do and what not to do to put halt to the spread of the virus. More awareness has been done, and the sensitization should not cease. My concern now is that Ebola has the propensity to redirect all our activities as a people and state. We need to be cautious as we go about our daily activities. As part of my work, I go around sensitizing people on the new outbreak and encouraging them to go back to our 2014 ways – wash your hands, don’t touch people, avoid bush meat, etc. With the sophistication of our health workers and our collective efforts as a people, we can defeat Ebola”

D. Melvina Dweh, a student of Forestry at the Grand Gedeh County Community College: “We know much about Ebola as a country: how it catches somebody, how it spreads, how to prevent it, etc. this new outbreak is a test to show how retentive we are or how forgetful we are. This virus ruined our country for a whole year. It stopped our school, our movement and total freedom. It is my wish that we as citizens will collaborate with the government to put an end to this nightmare.”

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