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‘No Side Effects’ – Ebola Survival Admits in school

By: Henry Gboluma

Gbarma District, Gbarpolu County – A  fourth grade student of the Hilton-Duodee Public School in Gbarma District, Gbarpolu County has disclosed to Local Voices Liberia that since he survived the Ebola Virus Disease, he feels no sign and symptom of the virus. “From the time when they brought me here I have not getting sick one day. I never go to clinic yet for medicine, I am fine in my body” the survival stated.

Boimah Swaray was the first person to contract the EVD through family contact from Monrovia and later moved to Parker Town in Gbarma District, where he was traced by the County Health Team (CHT) and transferred to Island Clinic ETU where he was tested positive of the EVD.

After weeks of treatment, he recovered and survived from the Virus and was reintegrated in his home town (Parker Town) by the Gbarpolu County Health Team. For reintegration into the community-with family members –Boima says he has been supported by NGOs in many ways. “Red cross brought me buckets, rice, spoons and also WFP give me food like beans, oil and even money US$250 for my school.” He further admitted that the CHT give him US$150 as well as mattress, rice and paid him regular visitation. Boima told reporter the following; “I am in the 4th grade this year, my people used some of my money for my school”.

He also said he has not been discriminated agsinst by his friends while in school or even in the community. “We all play together, study and eat together—they can’t talk to me bad when we are together”. He concluded by asking for continual support for his education.

The principal of the Hilton-Duodee Public School Mr. Boimah A. Lurmah also confirmed that Boima Swaray has not complained about being mocked by his friends or school mates. “Boima is happy in school amongst 149 students, not a day he has complained to me. “He just needs to be supported in the community especially in his learning process”, the principal emphasized.

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