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Citizen Intervention: Liberian Entrepreneur Builds Road in Margibi County

Written By: Emmanuel Tophic Degleh

Cinta Township, Margibi County – The lack of feeders-roads is contributing to a host of challenges in rural Liberia including grave impact on the health, agriculture and education sectors of the country.

In Rural communities farmers struggled to sell their produce while pregnant women and health care seekers often face daunting task to access health facilities.

In Cinta Township, Margibi County, locals have over the past decades struggled to commute goods and other essential items due to the lack of a bridge which connects several towns in the area.

But a recent intervention by a Liberian entrepreneur has brought relief to locals of 35 towns in the area.

Moses Darmo, owner of a construction firm in the county is now completing a 15 km road and a bridge cost over US$25,000.00 and his self initiative has prompted locals to heap praises at him.

A local youth leader in the area, Whiteman Bartee, described the project as a worthy initiative being undertaken by Mr. Darmo, adding that his name will never be forgotten by the township.

They also applauded their kinsmen for restoring their hopes by the construction of the bridge along the route as their quest of doing road by hands came to no avail due to the impediment the creek has posed over the years.

The villagers further described Mr. Darmo as a true humanitarian who believes in the development and happiness of his fellow men regardless their status in society.

The MOABEL Incorporated CEO begun the road construction project four months ago after its CEO purchased a parcel of farm land in the area for farming and saw the need to provide easy access to his farm as well other surrounding towns and villages in an area that had been inaccessible to road for decades.

The company says the project is part of its corporate social responsibility to the villagers around his farmland and has dispelled any political intention of its CEO.

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