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Bomi County Surveillance: Seven Diarrhea cases in Dewein District

Dewein, Bomi County – The Health surveillance officer of Bomi County has confirmed seven cases of diarrhea in Dewein district, Bomi County.

Mr. Moses Fomba said though it has not been reported as an outbreak, he attributed cases to the lack of safe drinking water in the district during this raining season.

He said the lack of safe drinking water in the area is leading residents to drink from running creeks. Fomba warned that if the situation is not addressed immediately, it could lead to an outbreak.

Though Mr. Fomba said there are plans underway to chlorinate wells across the county, but warned that residents should drink from hand pumps instead of running cricks.

At the same time, residents of Dewein district have called on the county health team to fast track the chlorination of wells to prevent further spread of diarrhea in other parts of the district. According to residents, some farmers are currently drinking swamp water.

Speaking in Dewein district, two residents Mr. varney Gballey and Chief Blama Moore described the situation as strange. They, however, said they have begun educating other farmers to always take gallons of water with them to their farms to prevent them from drinking unsafe water which may give them diarrhea.


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