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Grand Gedeh

AG Church Breaks Ground for US$59,000 Health Facility in Grand Gedeh

Grand Gedeh County – The Liberia Assemblies of God Church in Grand Gedeh County has broken grounds for the construction of a clinic in Zwedru, Grand Gedeh County.

The project is valued US$59,000 is expected help provide health services for locals in the county. The church said the construction of the clinic is its own way of buttressing government’s efforts in meeting the health needs of Liberia and providing job opportunities for Liberians.

When completed, the clinic will have 10 rooms for patients, children wall, male and female wards, outpatient department (OPD), emergency room, laboratory, administrative department among others facilities.

Giving the overview of the project, the AG Tchien District Superintendent, Rev. Henry D. Sohn said the project is a longtime dream of the Church.

Sohn said it is part of the church’s vision and plans to have a healthy community where its members can access quality health care delivery.

“This is a time as a church that we come together to construct a Clinic where our kindred and the community in general can meet their health desires. The Bible says let my people be wise to avoid temptation,” the Reverend said.

Reverend Sohn stated that the clinic project is a self-initiative by the Liberia Assembly of God Churches (LAG) in Grand Gedeh County.

Rev. Sohn said LAG is a holistic ministry that doesn’t only focus on the preaching of the Gospel but engages its members through different form of education and development.

He assured his assembly and the public that the clinic will be ready by late 2017.

Project Gets Massive Applauds

Meanwhile, members of the church have described the project “as a blessing sent by the almighty God to restore hope to his children in accessing rapid and quality health care”.

Sam Wuo, assistant Pastor for the Greater Grace in Kudah Bye Pass Community said the heavy burden on the only referral hospital in Zwedru will soon come to an ease.

Lucy Bowien, a longtime member of the church who lives in the Pennue Community in Zwedru said what many residents of Zwedru have been longing for is coming to pass.

“This is what everybody in Zwedru has been waiting for – another health center accessible to the public besides the Martha Tubman Hospital and the Christ the King Clinic [a Catholic Clinic] – and I will call on everybody to support it, she said.

At the same time the County Health Promotion Officer Wilson Gaye said the initiative is a praiseworthy venture, describing it as a fine step taken by the Christian Community in Zwedru.

“Taking into consideration the number of people in Zwedru, and those seeking health care services and looking at the facility available, all I can say is this will have an impact on the Lives of Citizens and the health system in Grand Gedeh,” he said.

He pledged the county health team’s commitment to working with the Church to make the project a reality.

Grand Gedeh County Development Superintendent, Bishop Abraham Gbeway also lauded the Church for the initiative. He vowed that the local authority will support the clinic project to its smooth implementation.

“This is our county, so if any development is coming we as people need to give our fullest contribution because we are the direct beneficiaries not only the AG family,” he said.

Bishop Gbeway maintained that the church engages in such an ideal project at a time the government hospital in Zwedru is being over-stretched.

The Liberia Assemblies of God Church is one of the largest Pentecostal denominations in Grand Gedeh County.

The Church began mission in the County in early 1914s by a broad of coalition comprising ministers who desired to work together to fulfill common objectives, such as fellowshipping and worshipping God.

They have been involved with education, reuniting family members after the Liberian Civil Crisis through the gospel among other things.

Currently, the Assemblies of God have established churches in all districts of Grand Gedeh ranging from section one to section seven.

The Assemblies of God (Tchien District) is a constituent member of the National Assemblies of God Fellowship – one of the largest Pentecostal fellowships in Liberia and world.

Reporting By: Moses Geply, Grand Gedeh County


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