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NEC Magistrate in Sinoe County Holds Dialogue with Political Parties


Greenville City – The magistrate of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Sinoe County has called on political parties in the county to avoid any acts that may trigger election violence.

Speaking at the commission’s office in Greenville during a meeting with political parties’ representatives in the county, Solomon Jarnyenneh reminded all players about their recent verbal commitment to uphold the elections’ code of conduct.

Representatives of various political parties in Sinoe County had made verbal assurance to avoid any form of violence during the electoral process. They agreed during discussions with county Superintendent Prosper Browne.

At the meeting on August 7, Mr. Jarnyenneh commended the representatives of the political parties for the level of maturity they have exercised so far since the start of campaign activities in the country.

“There was no confusion, there was no violation and I am too impressed. Please don’t do anything that will damage the good things you’ve started with so that we will have peaceful and fruitful elections,” he said.

The NEC magistrate urged political parties to keep their supporters in check in order to exercise good behavior during the campaign process by “selling their candidates politely and not arrogantly that will result in confusion”.

He later called on political parties to submit their calendar of events to the NEC local office. This, he said, intends to avoid conflict in the time and use of venues when political parties organized rallies and meetings.

Ellis Kofa of the Liberian People Party, who spoke on behalf of political parties attending the meeting, thanked the local NEC office for being proactive and appealed for the extension of time set to submit schedules for campaign activities.

“…It is very hard now to present to you schedule for our activities so please add small more time, but we can assure you that no party will interfere in the activities of another party,” Kofa said.

Despite the assurance from the political parties, there have been recent concerns about the tearing down of campaign posters by some individuals in the county although it has not escalated into any further tension.

In one incident, a supporter of a representative aspirant Sheldrake Kolo, was accused of tearing down posters of incumbent Mathew G. Zarzar of electoral district #3.

When police arrested a man identified as Abednego Jlay in connection with the violation, during the investigation he argued that “Hon. Zarzar supporters have no right to put Zarzar poster on his mother’s shop door.”

However, the two parties later amicably resolved the issue after Jlay promised to avoid tearing down political campaign posters.      

Report By: Marxk Klah




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