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Grand Cape Mount County: Incumbent Comes Under Scrutiny By Constituents


Robertsport, Grand Cape Mount CountY – Mix-reactions are swelling amongst constituents of Garwula District in Grand Cape Mount County as they weigh in on the performance of incumbent representative Mambu Sonii, who is seeking re-election.

The scrutiny of Sonii’s performance at the 53rd legislature comes from residents of several communities with less than 50 days to the election.

Constituents of Commonwealth community and Tombey chiefdom are expressing dismay over the incumbent’s performance, claiming the lawmaker has not represented their interest at the legislature, which they blame for the underdevelopment of the district.

They claim the district lacks quality health care services, good roads, quality education, and an improved agriculture sector.

‘’Look at our district today, we cannot boast of good health care, the roads are all bad, and in fact see the condition of our elementary schools – very bad. You find small children sitting on the floor and he can’t even talk for us,’’ said Mambu Siryon of Commonwealth community.

Patience Kadii, a resident of Tombey chiefdom, said since 2011 she has not felt the impact of Hon. Sonii’s representation.

‘’For me I don’t even know whether we have a representative in this Garwula. We voted for Honorable Mambu Sonii thinking that he was going to make the difference for us,’’ she said.

For people of upper Garwula District, they have a different view of Sonii. Some say he has been a blessing to them and their family.

They outlined personal assistance, construction of town halls, bus stops and payments of school fees as some contributions the lawmaker has made to people of the district.

“I like Mambu Sonii and I enjoy the way he can do good things for his people as a leader and I will make sure that among all the people that want this position, we will vote him,’’ said Elder Muniru Gataweh of Upper Garwula District.

Elder Gataweh and many others argue that re-electing the incumbent will ensure continuity of his “good work” for the betterment of the district.

But Representative Sonii will have to compete against 12 other candidates certified by the National Elections Commission to participate in the October 10 poll.

Report By: Ibrahim M. Sesay





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