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Nimba County: Show Down in Final Debate – Rep Candidates Make Their Case


Flumpa, Nimba County – Four representative candidates contesting in District #8, Nimba County have debated the major development issues in the presence of hundreds of constituents during the final town hall legislative debate in the county.

There were five trending issues designed for the panelists to debate, but the lack of roads and high school in Flumpa District attracted the most attention from both the candidates and the audience alike.

It was the final legislative debate in Nimba County organized and conducted by the Liberia Media for Development Initiatives (LMDI) in collaboration with Internews.

Five of the nine candidates contesting the district seat at the House of Representatives did not show up, although the organizers said everyone was invited. 

Some of the candidates absent said they were on their campaign trail and could not make it in time.Those on the panel were, incumbent Larry P. Younquoi of Unity Party; Felecia Kolleh-

Those on the panel were, incumbent Larry P. Younquoi of Unity Party (UP); Felecia Kolleh-Gogoe of the Movement for Economic Empowerment (MOVEE); Former Nimba lawmaker Jackson S. Fiindor and Allen Gay-Weh of the All Liberian Party (ALP). 

Hundreds of people from across the district were in attendance eager to hear the four candidates make their case for election.Presenting her platform to the audience, Koleh-Gogoe of

Presenting her platform to the audience, Koleh-Gogoe of MOVEE argued that the district is underdeveloped because her male counterparts have not really considered the district as their home, but a place for men.

“Men have failed the district. Since this county was created in 1964 a woman has never, ever represented the district in the House of Representatives,” she said.

“Vote Felecia Kolleh-Gogoe comes October 10. You will see what woman can do.” Madam assures citizens. 

Reacting to Kolleh-Gogoe assertion, Incumbent Younquoi said her statement was a mere political manipulation to discredit his high-earned efforts in order to unseat him.

“Road building is not the work a lawmaker. But we have gone beyond with the availability of the county’s yellow machines opening roads left in the district by logging companies. I am convinced that I am doing well since you sent me.  Let me continue,” he said. 

Report By: Mac Samah 





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