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Maryland County: Visually Impaired Launch Voter Education Campaign


Maryland County – A group of Visually Impaired people in Pleebo City, Maryland County have launched an awareness campaign to encourage voters to turn out and cast their ballot on October 10, 2017, in Liberia’s presidential and representative elections.

They began the voter sensitization campaign on Thursday, August 30 at the biggest general market in Pleebo, distributing over 30 flyers to marketers.

Hawa Appleton, the head of the campaigners, told the marketers “Liberia is for all Liberians so everybody should get involve into the national decision process to avoid shifting blames.”

“Today, you can see us here talking to you that our country is all we have. Let’s try to encourage ourselves get involve in the decision-making process of our country,” she said.

Empowered by the National Elections Commission local office in the county, the group, despite their physical challenge, is conducting civic voter education to augment the ongoing nationwide civic voter education about the elections process.

“Nobody from different country can change our country; it is ourselves that can change Liberia so please we beg you to please just walk to where you registered in March and vote,” said the visually impaired group leader.

“Some of you are looking at me as a blind person coming to you to encourage you, yes it is because I really want you and myself to change Liberia, so please join us and together we can make sound decision in October.”

Report By: Micheal D.K Wroh


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