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Grand Bassa

Grand Bassa County: “Our Children Are in Darkness” – Youth Leader Decries Lack of School


Grand Bassa County – The lack of school in Nyaniewien Clan in electoral district, Grand Bassa County leaves over 300 children in “complete darkness”, says the clan’s youth leader.

Ernest Sumo said since the clan was founded decades ago there has not been a single school built for its inhabitants.

“Our children are in darkness in this clan because since we were born and up to present our children have never been to school,” Sumo said, while appealing to the Government of Liberia and candidates seeking their votes in the impending elections to make intervention.

“We have over 300 children in this clan but the government has thrown us away.”

Located just across the Farmington River, which forms the Grand Bassa’s boundary with Margibi County, the clan has over 60 towns.

Sumo says several efforts by young people in the area to engage the county leaders have fallen on deaf ear.

“The entire county sitting that they have had in Grand Bassa County, they can’t think about us, so we feel that we are not part of the county anymore,” Sumo lamented.

“We are now crying on the politicians to help us because this campaign time is the best time for us to engage them.”

He continued: “Every day we can hear on the radio that education is the key to success but for us we can’t be part of those that are successful through education because we are not learning.

“We are tired of voting people who don’t think about our well being so this time, any politician that love us will work on our school business quick, quick,” he said, adding   that even an elementary school as a start will help “their children that are in darkness to see the light”.

By: Elton Wroinbee Tiah


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