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Maryland County – Election Commission Educates Marketers About Polling Steps


Maryland County – The local office of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Maryland County has conducted awareness on the basic polling steps at one of the biggest markets in the county.

The weeklong awareness targeted voters also targeted voters in all the three electoral districts of the county with NEC staffs working along side civil society organizations based in the county.

The NEC local office in the county has, in recent weeks, stressed the importance of voters understanding the basic steps to follow on Election Day.

It is the obligation of the election commission to educate voters ahead of October 10, says Rebecca Kama, a staff of the NEC local office in Harper City.

As a sample exercise, Kama first thought Paul Nimpson, the superintendent of Karloken general market in electoral district three, the various polling steps.

Nimpson then gathered marketers to further explain the importance of the polling steps and how it helps them avoid “voting in vain” or casting an invalid ballot paper.

He cautioned marketers to observe every step especially step sixth, which carries information about the presidential and representative candidates.

The market superintendent lauded NEC for initiating the awareness campaign in the interest of voters, saying “If awareness is done consistently it will reduce the number of invalid votes from the county”.

Nimpson also encouraged NEC to extend elections awareness in hard-to-reach rural communities.

 Report By: Michael D.K Wroh



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