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Nimba County: Community Slams ‘Unworthy’ Guest House Project


Report By: Mac Samah in Nimba County


Nimba County – Citizens of Ghahn Town, Nimba County have again alarmed over the terms and conditions that led to the construction of a US$30,000 guesthouse for the community. 

The abandoned four-bedroom guesthouse constructed with cement mixed with mud bricks is located few miles away from the commercial city of Ganta, Nimba County

The cost of the project was a 20% allotment to the community as part of the County Social Development Funds (CSDF). The amount was allocated based on the use of the Yekepa-to-Buchanan railroad – which passes through the town – beginning 2012.

The community then allotted the fund for the construction of a guesthouse to help bring relief to travelers who want to lodge.

But the money for the project was misappropriated, according to the citizens. 

During a press conference held in the town in early February 2018, the town’s development chairman Mr. James Gartei expressed disappointment in the county administration and the construction company hired to implement the guesthouse project.

Gartei said the community submitted the blueprint of the building with the bill of quantity (BOQ) for the construction of a modern structure.

“On the contrary, an egg-type of structure was forced on the community called guesthouse. How will you say you used $30,000.00 for public building and there’s no back door or fitting ventilation,” said Gartei.

Several efforts to contact the former Nimba County Superintendent, Mrs. Christina Dagadu, who was in charge of the county administration when the deal was signed, were unsuccessful. But in an interview with Radio Gheamahn, the CEO of the construction company, Saye Sylvester Mianah, said he received only US$26,000 for the project, adding that Representative Larry Younquoi and Commissioner Nya Dakiayee should account for the balance US$4,000.

But both men have since refuted Mr. Mianah’s claim.

Meanwhile, citizens of Gbahn are concern about the remaining US$4000, and they are demanding a full report of the amount before accepting the guesthouse.



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