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Sinoe County: US$65,000 Market Building Project Abandoned


Report By: Max Klah in Sinoe County

Sinoe County – The Chairlady of the Seebeh Community General Market in Sinoe County, Madam Mary Numah, is calling on the Government of Liberia to complete the construction of the abandoned market building project.


The US$65,000 allotted for the market project was given to LACE since 2014

Madam Numah believes once the project is completed, it will alleviate the many challenges marketers and community members endure. She said the market project is an initiative of former District #1 Representative, Jefferson S. Kanmoh under the Legislative Support Project (LSP) with funding from the Government of Liberia.


because the project is at a standstill, criminals are taking away the cement blocks and other building materials that were intended for the project, she said.

Madam Numah added that marketers are selling in the hot sun and in the rain during the rainy season, which she terms as an unhealthy condition.

According to her, the Liberia Agency for Community Empowerment (LACE) has changed contractors twice because contractors were misusing the project materials, which put the project at a standstill.

For his part, Sinoe County Senator, Joseph N. Nagbe disclosed that the Seebeh Community General Market building project is a joint project of him and former Representative Kanmoh and does not belong to the ex-lawmaker as perceived by many people in the county.

According to Sen. Nagbe, all Legislative Support Project (LSP) funding is given to LACE for implementation and not to any lawmaker.

Sen. Nagbe claimed the project is at standstill due to the mismanagement of the project materials by members of the community.

He also mentioned the need to speak with the newly elected representative of the district, Hon. Crayton O. Duncan, to see the importance of the project and ensure it is completed.

He said LACE should provide further clarity on the abandoned market building project; adding that the US$65,000 allotted for the project was given to LACE since 2014.

Efforts made to get authorities at LACE speak on the matter proved difficult as the Communication Officer, Richard Munaba, on several occasions promised to refer our reporter to the head of the engineering department at LACE but he failed to make good on his promise.




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