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Lack of Safe Drinking Water Exposes Belle Yellah Residents To Health Risks

Many students have to skip school to fetch water, and most cases don’t return to class

Belle Yallah – Residents of Belle Yellah Town in Belle District, Gbarpolu County about 78 Kilometers away from Bopolu City say the main source of water is running dry.

This shortage of water is posing a health threat to over 7,000 people including women and children, according to the Principal of Belle Yellah Junior High School, Mr. John S. Geeton.   

The situation is forcing children to walk miles to the creek during recess time to fetch water, Geeton said.

“It is difficult to get the students back to school when they go to the creek,” he adds.

Many residents rely on the near by creek for drinking water

Currently, many residents of the town are constrained to get water from running creeks, according to Doris Binda, a resident of the town.

Binda said, “When we go for the water, under it can be dirty.  So we can put it down to set before we drink it.”

“It can affect us but sometimes we usually get tablets from the drug store here.”

With limited hand pumps to serve the residents of the town, the town seems to be greatly in need. The township commissioner says three of the five hand pumps serving the community is damaged.

“Sometimes more people cannot get water, so they go to the creek and get water for living,” says Commissioner Peter S. Kollie.

“That only God helping us now, so, we are looking for people to come and help us,” adds another resident, Morris Sumo.

The Chairlady of the town, Maimai Manawu is afarid that the lack of safe drinking water will lead to the outbreak of water-borne disease.

According to her, “some people stomach usually run after they drink the creek water”.

Manawu puts the blame on the politicians, who she alleges make promises that they cannot keep.

“When they come to us, they tell us sweet, sweet things about developments. After we elect them, when the time reaches for them to help us, we can not see them then,” she said. . . .

Report By: Henry Gboluma In Gbarpolu County



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