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Gbarpolu County: Chief Iman Calls For Peace As June 7 Protest Lurks

Gbarpolu County – Ahead of the planned June 7 protest, the Chief Iman of Gbarpolu County has called on the organizers – the Council of Patriots (COP) – to preserve the peace Liberia continues to enjoy.

He made the statement when he received gifts of 50 bags of 25 KG rice, 15 bags of salt, 30-gallon of argo-oil and L$50,000.00.on behalf of the Muslims community in Bopolu district from Gbarpolu electoral district #1 Representative, Alfred G. Koiwood.

The event took place after the usual Friday prayer on May 31, 2019, held at the Bopolu Central Masque located on King Sao Boso Street, Bopolu City.

Iman Morris Nyan said, “We are hearing about demonstration; we want peace in this country.”

He admonishes the COP that whenever they want to demonstrate, they must do it in line with laws.

Iman Nyan said, “Protest is usually associated with violence. Therefore, we do not want any more confusion in this country. We say no to conflict, enough is enough.

“We will continue to pray for peace every day and after our celebration for togetherness and good development in this country.”

Earlier, Rep. Koiwood expressed concern about the change in date for the climax of the month of Ramadan.

“I heard that you people were going to break the fast on Friday (June 7, 2019), but because of this wonderful June 7, I heard that you people have changed it, so you see, this one protest is affecting the whole country – you as well,” the lawmaker said.

He added, “We know that there is an economic problem. Let me be a very bore to your people. However, this problem, we are seeking solutions to these problems; violence cannot solve violence.”

Koiwood, who is the chairman on national security committee at the House, urged the Muslim community in the county not to be panic.

“Feel free, go anywhere, the country is safe. We are going to protect the protesters on that particular day.

“If you want to be in the city, you can be there, if you want to go on the farm, you can go there. If you want to go in your garden, you can go there.

Report By: Henry B. Gboluma, Jr. /



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