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Around The Country: Updates From Four Counties – July 7, 2020

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Bong County: Rallying Forces Against COVID-19

VP Taylor speaking to people of Bong County about the response against COVID-19 during a recent visit to the county | Photo By: Emmanuel Mafelah

Liberia’s Vice President, Jewel Howard Taylor, on July 4 rallied people of Bong County to continue the fight against COVID-19 as confirmed cases continues to surge in the country.

According to health authorities, the county has recorded 33 confirmed cases with four deaths.

And during a special visit to the county, the VP reechoed calls by President George M. Weah for the active involvement of every citizen to work together to curb the spread of the pandemic, while stressing the need for people to observe public health measures.

Vice President Taylor said if regular hand washing, wearing masks, and social distancing are followed, the infection rate would reduce.

Meanwhile, VP Taylor has donated several bags of 25kg rice to the administration of the Phebe Referral Hospital and the C. B. Dumbar Maternity Hospital among other institutions in the county.

She also presented 14 motorbikes to districts coordinator of the National Patriotic Party (NPP) for operations.

Lofa County: X-Ray Machine Back on Track

Telewoyan Memorial Hospital, the biggest government referral health facility in Lofa County, has successful repaired its lone X-ray Machine. The repair of the x-ray machine was facilitated by the Voinjama District Global Association through a cash donation of US$2,000 made early June of this year.

The X-ray machine was vital to the hospital until it broke down about a year ago, forcing patients who need to do X-ray examination to travel to neighboring Guinea and Sierra Leone.

According to the County Health Officer, Dr. John Doedeh, the repair of the X-ray machine has brought “great heath relief to the county”.

Grand Gedeh County: Not Qualified As Principal

The controversial appointment of the new principal of the Baptist Mission in Grand Gedeh County has been met with serious disagreement with many calling for the church to withdraw the appointment of Rev. Jonathan K. Dennis | Photo By: Ben Brooks

Grand Gedeh County school board headed by Mr. Otis Zarzar and the Ministry of Education office in the county have called on Liberia’s Baptist Missionary and Education Convention to withdrew the appointment of Rev. Jonathan K. Dennis, who was recently appointed as acting principal of the Robert Berger Richardson Baptist Secondary School in Zwedru.

According to a communication dated July 3, 2020 addressed to the Baptist Missionary and Education convention president, Dr. Rev. Olue Q. Manjay, Dennis does not meet the Ministry of Education’s requirement to serve as acting principal of the high school.

Dr. Rev. Manjay is yet to respond to the concerns of the MOE and the county education board.

The communication quoting Chapter 6.2.1a of the Education Reform Act of 2011, states that a high school principal must hold a BSc degree in education or its equivalent, while a acting principal must hold a minimum of associate degree in education or its equivalent.

But the credentials of Rev. Dennis do not qualify him to serve the position as acting principal of a high school, the county education officer has said.

The communication describes the Grace Baptist Missionary Church of Zwedru appointment as one that undermines the quality of the county’s educational system.

The R.B Richardson Baptist secondary school has over 1,000 students with over 70 senior high students who are preparing for the upcoming regional exams.

Margibi County: No COVID-19 Facility

The County Health Officer is concern that the continued delay in identifying a holding center in Kakata for people suspected of being infected with COVID-19 is the failure of the county authorities to make available a public facility.

Dr. Myers Pajibo warned that the delay in identifying a public facility will lead to suspected cases doing self-quarantine at their respective homes.

Unlike Firestone rubber company that has made available s school building as a quarantine center, the county health team is yet to have a facility that will ensure suspected COVID-19 patients are quarantine.


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