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Around The Country: Elections Updates From Five Counties – October 26

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Gbarpolu County: 150 Election Officer Trained

Election staff attending the training in Bopolu City | PhotO By: Henry Gboluma, Jr.

The local office of the National Elections Commission (NEC) in Bopolu City has completed training for 150 exhibition officers who will be deployed at the 75 exhibition centers across the county. They will help Liberians validate the provisional voter register from October 28 to 31.

At the start of the two days training, the Senior Election Magistrate of Gbarpolu, Enerst McCay, said that the activity will enable voters to verify information about voter’s identity, registration center name, date of birth, and the voters ID number.

He said the process will help people correct their voter’s information to enable them vote in the upcoming election.

This exhibition process also allows for the voter to be included on the Provisional Registration Roll if erroneously omitted, according to Mr. MacCay.

Bomi County: Civil Society Cautions Against Elections Violence

Bomi County Civil Society Council has cautioned candidates in the impending 2020 Senatorial election to avoid pre and post electoral violence in the county.

The organization through its chairperson, Moses Saah, cautioned that “tearing of opposition candidate’s fliers by other supporters and using invectives during campaign” are some of the root causes of electoral violence.

Mr. Saah admonished candidates to educate their supporters about the danger of violence during election, stating that “election is not about insult; election is not about targeting one another but selling your platform to the people for them to vote for you. Let candidates tell their supporters to stop initiating conflict by tearing down of other candidate fliers.”

He was speaking during the signing of a non-violence pledge card held over the weekend at the Moses Vincent Compound multipurpose Hall in Tubmanburg.

Bong County: NEC Urged to Conduct ‘Free and Fair’ Election

The Justice and Peace Commission (JPC) Regional Coordinator for Bong, Nimba and Lofa Counties, George Philip Mulbah, has challenged the board of Commissioners at National Elections Commission (NEC) to conduct a free, fair and a transparent election across the country.

Mr. Mulbah said the maintenance of Liberia’s fragile peace will depend on everyone especially members of the commission (NEC) during and after the holding of the 2020 Special Senatorial Election and National Referendum.

He added; “This election will tell the international community and the world that we are a serious nation and people. We are therefore calling on the Commission to be fair, transparent and impartial in their judgment, but anything short of that will carry the country backward”.

He called on the Chairperson, Davidetta Browne Lansanah, to represent the true image of the commission.

Mulbah then called on young people across the country to ‘be tolerant and avoid being used by politicians to insult leaders in the name of politics.”

For his part, the Senior Election Magistrate for Upper Bong County, Daniel G. Newland, called on political actors to “be very civil and non-violent” during the elections.

Even though the political campaign for the 2020 senatorial election has been halted by the Supreme Court, Magistrate Newland stressed that “political campaigns are meant to create the platform for competing parties or candidates to sell themselves to the voting population, but not to engage in insults and violent behavior”.

He added: “We all should understand that we have to keep the peace that we now enjoyed. We therefore anticipate the cooperation of our citizens, “Magistrate Newland told journalist in Gbarnga.”

 Grand Bassa County: Police Frown on Election Scuffle Between Supporters of Opposing Senatorial Candidates

Assistant Commissioner of Police in Grand Bassa County Sarkoh J. Freeman speaking to journalists in Buchanan | Photo By: Elton Tiah

Following a tussle between supporters of Gbehzohngar Findley and incumbent Senator Nyonblee Karnga-Lawrence in Buchanan, the Grand Bassa County detachment of the Liberia National Police has cautioned that such conduct is “unfavorable”.

The police statement came three days after incident when officers gathered at a one-day forum to discuss “non-political association and the police readiness” to respond to violence during the impending senatorial elections and referendum.

Tension intensified on October 18 along the Tubman Street route around Sayepue Hill, which is meters away from the office of “Friends of Findley”. Supporters of the former Foreign Minister and Senator Kangar-Lawrence were embroiled in verbal altercation that almost erupted into a brawl.

The supporters of Nyonblee were seen parading from the Fairground while Findley’s supporters were marching from the Seventh Day Adventist School on Tubman Street when both groups clashed.

The police termed the incident as “an unfriendly electoral proceeding; for which appropriate interventional actions must be ensure”.

The situation would have caused unforeseen circumstances had the Police with support from other joint Security member not swiftly intervene.

The police said the situation “contributed to the stalling or jamming of traffic, prevention of free movement as guarantee under Article 13 of the 1986 Constitution of Liberia; and also caused panic amongst Citizens”.

“We believe that everyone must assist in upholding the over 15 years of Peace the Nation has and continue to enjoy,” the police said. “Therefore, the County LNP under the supervision of Assistant Commissioner of Police, Sarkoh J. Freeman as General Commander, wants to encourage everyone to desist from act that would degenerate into violence.”

Maryland County: Call For Peace Intensifies Amid Tensed Pre-Elections Campaigning

Jefferson Elliott says NEC must “professionally handle electoral matters” based on the election guidelines and the law | Photo By: Bryan Dioh

Several Citizens in Maryland County are calling for peace as the country approach the special senatorial Elections. Many of the citizens described the upcoming elections as “crucial” and as such outlined the need for peaceful elections.

They indicated that if Liberia must progress, there is a need to take seriously the elections and adequately change their minds to ensure a peaceful election.

Meanwhile, adding his voice to the many people calling for a peaceful election, the chief executive Director of Elliott Integrity Foundation, Jefferson Elliott, said NEC must “professionally handle electoral matters” based on the election guidelines.

He said cleaning of the voters’ roster, increased civic education and availability of more electoral staff are crucial to ensuring a free and fair elections. He, at the same time, cautioned Liberians about the effects of election violence.



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