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Around The Country: Updates From Five Counties – November 20, 2020

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River Cess County: Rape Suspect Re-arrested

The Police station in Cesstos City, Rivercess Conty where suspect Jacob Williams reportedly broke out before he was re-arrested | Photo By: Aaron Geezay

Police in River Cess County have re-arrested a 22-year old rape suspect who recently broke jail at the Boe-Geezay police depot.

Suspect Jacob Williams was recollected on Saturday, November 14 after a call was put out for his rearrest.

He was accused of raping a 13-year-old female resident of the Boe-Geezay Community in Monweh Statutory District.

Following his arrest, suspect Williams was detained at the Boe-Geezay police station pending transfer to the Monweh Magisterial Court which is next door to the Boe-Geezay police station.

While in police detention, it was reported that the rape suspect broke the police cell and absconded.

During the opening of the November term of the 14th Judicial Circuit Court on November 9, the Resident Judge, Judge Onesimus Banwon urged the Assistant Commissioner of Police, Fasu Sheriff to order the rearrest of the suspect for prosecution.

Prior to the court opening, where Judge Banwon made the call for the suspect’s rearrest, the Gender Coordinator for the Ministry of Gender and Social Protection in the county, Henry Jabbie wrote the Commander of the Liberia National Police in River Cess, complaining about the improper handling of the case which he said led to the escape of suspect.

Grand Cape Mount County: Go-Slow Action at Palm Company

Workers of Mano Pam oil Company in Zouda Clan has begun a go-slow action, according to the spokesperson Clearance Balo.

He said the worker have vowed not go to return to work until their demands are met. They are asking for education for their children, health facilities, housing, and transportation.

Mr. Balo claimed that workers’ salaries are being cut for those benefits, but the company is yet to make available these social services since taking over from Sime Darby.

Adama She, the Corporate Communication Specialist for the Mano oil Company, said the management is discussing at the problem but they have not received a formal complaint about the ongoing go slow.

Bomi County: County Gets New Health Officer

Bomi County Health Team (CHT) now has a new County Health Officer (CHO). Her name is Dr. Sianeh Jackson Mento, replacing Dr. Augustus Quiah, who served in the position for 26 months.

Dr. Mento promised to work with members of the health team to build a successful health system. She was speaking at the official turning over ceremony held at the Emergency Operation Center (EOC) at Liberia Government Hospital in Tubmanburg.

Dr. Mento, who worked in similar position in Grand Kru County, told her team that the same method she used in that county to become successful will be applied in the county, calling on all the staff to focus on their jobs.

“In Grand Kru [County], we had our slogan and I will bring that right back here, we have our slogan ‘stay on your lane, don’t overtake your friend in the curve’ and I believe it’s the same thing Dr. Quiah had in place here,” she said.

Bong County: Phebe Hospital Rejects ‘Political Pressure’

The Ministry of Health recently re-assigned some medical doctors from the Phebe Hospital over concerns that the hospital board is not allowing the government have a say in the running for the facility

The Chairman for the board of Phebe Hospital in Suakoko Dstrict says the hospital will not bow down to any political pressure and will remain committed to defending the Act that established it.

Said Mr. Tornola Varpilah: “We are not going to listen to outside noise; we will make sure to protect and defend the image of this health facility that is catering to the healthcare needs it our people, many of whom that doesn’t have money to go to other health facilities around here”.

He said withdrawing government’s support from the hospital means is denying poor people health services, which is “devilish and must be challenged by all citizens of the county”.

Recently, Liberia’s Chief Medical officer, Dr. Francis Kateh said the government through the Ministry of Health was re-assigning its doctors from the hospital because the hospital board had failed to include government in the day-to-day running of Phebe.

That decision was slammed by many people including Bong County Senator Henrique Flomo Tokpa, who described the move as “evil and should never be supported by any good citizen”.

Said Senator Tokpa: “The government of Liberia have a lot of health facilities across the country but how many of them are providing quality healthcare services to our people?

“Let the government be serious and rethink their decision because in my mind, it’s just meant to satisfy few groups of people.”

 Gbarpolu County:  Action Aid Liberia launches 3-Year Program

 Sideny L. Williams [pictured] said the project seeks to enhance women livelihood through capacity building, agriculture and microfinance in the six administrative districts of the county | Photo By: Henry B. Gboluma, Jr.

Action ActionAid Liberia (AAL) has launched a three-year project to support women empowerment and accelerate the fight against gender-based violence in the county.

During the launch of the project, AAL Regional Program Manager, Sideny L. Williams said it seeks to enhance women livelihood through capacity building, agriculture and microfinance in the six administrative districts of the county.

“While we will be working to promote women livelihood resilient, we will also continue our partnership with the county health team in the area of SGBV,” he said on November 18 in the Bopolu City Hall as stakeholders of the county listened keenly. “Through the county health team, we provide support for SGBV survivors and support the justice system in trying rape cases. So, in the coming days we will start to engage our stakeholders on this project.”

Meanwhile, Superintendent J. Keyah Saah of the county has welcomed the project, describing “Action Aid is one of our long serving partners”.

“We must welcome their activities because they are always in line with government agendas,” he said.

ActionAid Liberia (AAL) is a human rights and social justice organization operating in Liberia since 1997.

The organization says it is working to advance the rights of women, children, young people and marginalized communities and shift the development paradigm to one that is people-centered, utilizing human rights-based approach (HRBA) and an intersectional feminist analysis across all programs.

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