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Around The Country: Updates From Four Counties – August 11, 2021

Updates From Across the Counties: C.B Dunbar Gets New Medical Director, Red Cross Conducts Covid-19 Wareness in grand Gedeh County. 

Bong County: Major Hospital Gets New Boss

Gbarnga — Dr. Kour Elma Geah has turned over to Dr. Cynthia Balpood — the newly appointed Medical Director of the C.B. Dunbar Maternity Hospital.

In her turning over message, Dr. Geah hailed community members and especially health caregivers for the support to her while heading the hospital.

“I am grateful to you all for the love and care you showed me as medical director,” she said. “Wherever I go and whatever I do, C. B. Dunbar and Bong County will always remain in my heart”.

Despite the overwhelming challenges confronting the hospital, Dr. Geah revealed that she along with her team was able to work with leaders in the county and the Ministry of Health to achieve the goal of the Ministry.

For the “tremendous transformation and her outstanding role played in moving the hospital forward”, Dr. Geah was also gowned by residents of the county.

For her part, Dr. Balpood promised to elevate the hospital to a “comprehensive health center” in the county regardless the many constraints.

The new ideas to transition from a Maternity hospital to a comprehensive health center, according to her is based on the influx of patients.

Said Dr. Balpood: “I am here to work as a trained health worker, and I know that what I am saying can happen only if we all work together. Let forgot about the pass and focus on the future”.

Grand Gedeh County: Red Cross Completes Covid-19 Awareness

Zwedru — The Liberia National Red Cross Society in collaboration with the County Health Team and partners, have conducted a day-long Covid- 19 prevention awareness targeting marketers at Zwedru central market.

The campaign was aimed at reawakening and re-energizing the commitment of citizens to continue observing the health protocols as the county goes through its 28 days countdown, says Dr. Teno Boduo. Grand Gedeh County Health Officer.

“We are grateful to see the collaboration with partners especially the Liberia National Red Cross Society and a team from the World Health Organization for their continued support to the health sector. This exercise has been successful because of their support and commitment to working with us,” Dr. Boduo said.

For his part, Lawrence Sackon, LNRCS Chapter representative, applauded the marketers for their effort in adhering to the COVID-19 health protocols.

“As partners, we are grateful to join our colleagues to come and educate our people about the health protocols, while it is true the case as reducing, we should not be complacent, let us continue following the protocols, let wash our hands, always wash the nose marks, and stary away from the crowded area,”. Sackor said.

In non-health related update

In Grand Gedeh County, The chairman of the Concerned Grand Gedeans leading the “Bring back our County Earth moving Equipment” has confirmed that the yellow machines have been brought back to the county.

Mr. Sampson Bossoe Williams disclosed that after several engagements with the County authorities in a bid to ensure the machines are returned, he was informed that they are back in the county, adding that people are the county are glad to see the machines returned.

However, he expressed concern about the condition of these equipment, stressing that he doesn’t know if they are functional.

on April 8, 2021, the earth moving equipment disappeared, drawing massive criticisms from an array of citizens.

On July 23, County Superintendent Kai Farley held a round table discussion with the concerned citizens and promised that the equipment would be returned.

The equipment was purchased in 2016 from the Social and County Development Funds after a weeklong special sitting held in B’hai district Toe City.

Also, in Bong County the Director of Communication at the Ministry of Labor, Joseph K. Nyandibo has assured that Liberia will no longer be used as a transit point or corridor for the trafficking of persons to other parts of the world under the able leadership of Minister Charles H. Gibson.

The National Anti-Human Trafficking of Liberia taskforce through the Ministry of Labor, according to him has the resources, strategy, partnership, and determination to fight against human trafficking in the country.

He revealed that there is a team of lawyers currently hired by the taskforce who are committed to the prosecution of would-be-traffickers.

Said Mr. Nyandibo, “The taskforce is doing all it can to ensure that all trafficking cases end at the first court of hearing as a means preventing traffickers from taking appeal. Our Minister has said this consistently that this crime must stop because it is against human right.”

Due to the seriousness of the Government of Liberia in the fight against human trafficking in Country, the Ministry of Labor through the taskforce has launched an awareness campaign in some of the counties to adequately inform citizens on the danger or harm of the crime.

The Ministry of Labor Communication Director also believes that human trafficking can be prevented, stopped, and eradicated through public awareness, outreach, education and advocacy campaigns, enforcement of the law on human trafficking and the prosecution of cases.

He wants citizens across the country join the taskforce in the battle against human trafficking.


Local Voices Liberia is a network of dedicated Liberian journalists based in the 15 counties working to lift the development concerns and progress of rural communities.

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