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Reality Check: Fact Checking Viral Image of Newly Renovated Executive Mansion

Monrovia — In the last couple of days, Facebook has been flooded with numerous posts carrying a particular photo depicting the newly renovated Executive Mansion. This image has gone viral since the government announced that President George Weah will begin working from the Executive Mansion on February 14.But does this photo represent the current realty of the official home and office of the President?

Report by: Varney Kelvin Sirleaf | LVL Fact Checker

In many of these Facebook posts (Abu, Ebenezer) the posters, including some media organizations and even the state broadcaster,  The Liberia National Television, suggest to their readers that the photo is the current state of the Executive Mansion.

However, numerous reverse image searches done by our fact checking desk found that the picture circulating social media is an architectural graphic design of the project which the contractors did to show how the Executive Mansion would look once the renovation work is completed.

We also found a 2016 video with over 122,000 views posted to CESAF YouTube channel titled the “Executive Mansion Movie” in which the company stated it  will be view of the mansion when completed. The over six-minute video shows both the external and internal look of the Executive Mansion when completed. CESAF is the construction company renovating the Executive Mansion.

To further verify, we passed by the Executive on February 8, 2022 and saw that the current look of the facility is by far different from the photo trending social media. The facility is still undergoing construction.


Based on the results from multiple reverse image search and analysis of the photo of the Executive Mansion making rounds on social media, we conclude that the photo is not the current condition of the Executive Mansion. The viral photo is a computer generated architectural design of what the building would look like once its completed.

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