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About iVerify

Local Voices Liberia, supported by the United Nations Development Programme, is currently implementing the iVerify system, a multi-stakeholder initiative for identifying and mitigating misinformation, disinformation and hate speech in Liberia during the electoral process and beyond. 

The iVerify system is an initiative jointly designed by the EC-UNDP Joint Task Force on Electoral Assistance and the UNDP Chief Digital Office(CDO), relying on the development IT technical expertise of the United Nations International Computing Centre (UNICC).  

The iVerify system provides national actors with a support package to enhance identification, monitoring and response capacity to threats to information integrity. The support package includes digital tools, capacity building modules, partnership opportunities, and communication and outreach strategies amongst others. The support provided by UNDP through the iVerify system is premised on three principles, these being; NON-DUPLICATION, MULTI-STAKEHOLDER APPROACH and SUSTAINABILITY. 

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iVerify Liberia is funded by the Embassy of Ireland, Embassy of Sweden, European Union Delegation and United Nations Peacebuilding Fund.