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Labor Issues, War Crimes Court

War Crimes– “Reconciliation and restorative justice go hand-in-hand, so I support restorative justice” as it relates to the prosecuting alleged war crimes perpetrators.

Dignity of Labor – As we are a concession county. As part of that, we want to ensure that the Decent Work Act is amended to ensure all of the issues on the plantation are addressed for our people.

“We need to review the activities of Firestone. That’s why you need strong Senator who will flag these issues at the level of the Senate, who will engage the Executive so that together we can engage Firestone and have a conversation and draw up a road map so that Firestones sticks to the terms and conditions of the agreement and does not behave arbitrarily and then redundant our people”.

Establish County Development Corporation — We want to do these things under the umbrella of the Margibi Development Corporation, which we’re going to organize for all Margibians to participate. As part of that we will draw up the development agenda for our county.
Market the Development plan to Concession companies operating in the county to ensure its implementation. Market plan to the government and international partners.

“After establishing the Margibi Development Corporation, and deriving the development agenda for our county, we also want to have a donor conference to develop our county.”

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