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Lobby for Empowerment of Professional Teachers

“Promise to lobby for more empowerment of more professional educators and give them specific support including student aid and scholarship. Will lobby for the enactment of a law to bind beneficiaries of government funded scholarship to return and provide service for the county.

“There should be a contract like what we call the ‘Doctrine of first Refusal’ – so that you can come back with all the education you’ve acquired and come to us and say, ‘I am prepared to go to River Gee’ and let us say no to you and then you can go”.




The claim is rigorous and the content is demonstrably true.

Half True

The statement is correct, although it needs clarification additional information or context.


Evidence publicly available neither proves nor disproves the claim. More research is needed.


The statement contains correct data, but ignores very important elements or is mixed with incorrect data giving a different, inaccurate or false impression.


The claim is inaccurate according to the best evidence publicly available at this time.


Upon further investigation of the claim, a different conclusion was determined leading to the removal of the initial determination.


A rude, disrespectful, or unreasonable comment that is somewhat likely to make you leave a discussion or give up on sharing your perspective. Based on algorithmic detection of issues around toxicity, obscenity, threats, insults, and hate speech;

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