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Reform The Legislature/Senate

“Our platform is based on reform, if we don’t reform where we are then how are we standing to reform outside so that the people can benefit. Even the Bible says take the spec or cold from your eyes, so that you can be able to see and tell another person that they have cold in their eyes to clean it.

“The legislature is a place of check and balance, and not the place of ‘yes sir’ or ‘yes, I’ll do’. The legislature is a place of constructive engagement, and some people think constructive engagement means ‘say yes’ to everything then you are constructive. Constructive engagement with courage also means ‘say no’ when it’s time to ‘say no’ in the collective and best interest of the country and its people.

“The legislature, especially the Liberian senate is the last vetting committee of the republic. For people to enter public service at certain category, under the confirmation hearing authority, it needs people who have courage to say, ‘yes this person can go’, or ‘no, this person can’t go’ on good grounds. Not based on party sentiments.

“My platform is to ensure that we do check and balance. Without check and balance, there will be dictatorship in the executive, and in a democracy, there is no room for dictatorship. Our platform is to ensure that system works then the individual works. Systems should work so that the people, the citizens, can benefit from the country, and the resources of the country through the system only because they are citizens, not because of whose feet they are kissing, or which party they are affiliated with.

“Our platform is to build systems and ensure that these systems work  — integrity, credibility, hard work, discipline and passion — so that the country can start to turn around and the people can start to grow and develop and our country can be a better place.”

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