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90 Days Deliverables

So, within 19 days, having been elected in 90 days, in addition to my pillow, my draft actsis already is already intended to set the salaries of law makers to five thousand, in keeping with the article 36 of the Constitution, I got two more draft bills. For me I’m out for reform.

1. We looking at the code of conduct that the current administration has no regard for.
1. We should not only declare assets, we should publish it. Declaration for asset should not be secret. We should publish it for the public to know, so that the public can be able to audit our life style in office.
2. Look at the code of conduct, it is my view that it is too unfair; it is my view that it is unfair for people in the executive or anybody in the executive to be made to resign two years to election. It is my view that we should amend the code of conduct not in that very position, to say you’re in the executive, and you want to contest in a election, when you submit your nomination to election’s commission and it is approved, at that point you can resign, not two years prior to election.

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