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Reconciliation & Unity

“One of my commitments to you is to re-enforce peace and unity in Bong County which is a key manifesto that is stuck in my mind every step along the way.

Over the last decade, several factors have amplified division amongst the citizenry of Bong County. I am quite aware that our citizens crave hope and a county where everyone- regardless of religious belief, tribe, or political difference co-exist peacefully.

I linger eagerly concerned about the peace and unity of Bongese and endeavor to accomplish the following;

-ensuring that sustainable peace and unity take center stage in Bong County.

-Re-enforce the Bong legislative caucus leadership and sitting activities

-Re-enforce previous or existing mechanisms for consultations and reporting to the county, districts, and communities.

-Collaborate with county caucus to provide reports on development agenda through bi-annual reports to citizens.

-Re-enforce collaboration between county traditional council and legislative caucus on issues of peace and security in Bong County.

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