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Decentralization of Development

Under this pillar- the ‘Decentralization of development throughout Bong’. We seek to serve every Bongese and spread development across our county equally. As you may know, decentralization is focused on ensuring community engagement for the proper growth and development of the community itself. It aims at ensuring the community’s social, economic, and political growth. It is also aimed at ensuring no or less local interferences.

Our aspiration for the Liberian Senate is to champion Bong County’s development agenda and join forces with colleagues to redistribute development priorities countywide. As I am famously called by you “OUR DEVELOPMENT MAN”, I will endeavor to do the following in collaboration and consultation with other leaders and you, our citizens to achieve the following:

-Champion the review, update, and development of a new county development agenda (CDA) with a 5-year operational plan.

-Collaborate with the caucus and county leadership to review and provide an annual report on the implementation of the development plan.

-Advocate with the caucus and other national leaders to ensure the new CDA is supported through the national budget and forge the necessary partnership with existing concession companies operating in the county.

-Collaborate with colleagues to ensure that all 13 Administrative Districts, major towns, and cities in Bong County are electrified with solar panel lights- something that has already begun.


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