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Youth Empowerment

“As a champion for youth development and a firm believer in education, we believe that one way to champion this cause will be through human resource development; through the attainment of skills, in various capacities. This is key to sustaining the gains of Bong’s development. We intend to improve the local economy through the following means, continue to support scholarship initiatives for aspiring young leaders from Bong county to improve their personal development and livelihood, advocate for the improvement of existing secondary, and higher institutions of learning (including technical-vocational institutions) in Bong county.

I will lobby with local institutions and concession companies to provide opportunities for the school to work transitions through internship or fellowships for young graduates who are aspiring leaders from Bong County.”


Local Voices Liberia is a network of dedicated Liberian journalists based in the 15 counties working to lift the development concerns and progress of rural communities.

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