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Securing Jobs for People of Bomi at Sime Darby

We will make sure to move to Gbah, we will work into Sime Darby plantation, we going to be fighting there for the workers, to make sure that our workers get the necessary decency. They must build toilet for our people on the plantation. They cannot redundant our people, our people are looking for job. If you hear the international community saying that we sign 68 concessions and whatever concession and only two was good, those are some of the things we have to do to create job for our people. So in the job creation now, our people cannot be the victim.
We have to close our eyes on some of these things. Do you know how many things Sime Darby should have done in this country and did not? Do you know what was the expectation that they did not live up to? Because we felt they were providing job for our people. You can’t come down hard on them and want to look at the script every step of the way and then our people become victim. So now is time I will be making sure that our people have job.

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