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Solving Health, Education in Suehn Mecca District

When we win this election, I will be looking more into the Suehn Mecca District. When you go there, the distances the people cover, even the Mannah Clan I just came from today, the children walking from inside Mannah Clan to come either Guah Town or Klay to go to school. The other day I went to Gohn Zepo, the children walk from Gohn Zepo to go Sime Darby to go school. When you go to Suehn Mecca, the people suffering there. Between Gbojay and Macca Town no school you can find in that area.

So the challenges are just so so terrible so actually what we want to do after the election, the health care system in Suehn Mecca District, the education system in Suehn Mecca District, we need to pay attention to it. Then we come in Klay District, the health care System in Klay, the health care system in Klay, we need to pay attention to it.

In Tubmanburg and Senjeh, we will do something there but I do I don’t want to lie to you that will not be an immediate priority but we can do something there for the county, the seat of the county capital. But our priority will be Suehn Macca district.

I am told Dewoin District has the same challenges, so really need to work in those districts. Look the clinic for example in Suehn Macca, the store room in the clinic is leaking. The clinic is leaking, when you go out of Senjeh, you will cry for our people.

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